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Following are the conventions used on this site to present certain information:
Exact term(s) Explanation
google: This specifies that the search engine is . If you see yahoo: then the search engine is
term term can be any word in simple text (no bold, no quotes, no nothing). This means that that term must appear in that exact way as a keyword
[term] the term is an optional keyword
<terms> the terms must be substituted with correct keywords
"terms" the keywords must appear between quotes
search query Explanation
google:<your name> search for your name (eg: John Doe) on google
yahoo:"favorite song" beatles search for "favorite song" related to beatles
google:"<game name>" search on google for a game using it's name as a whole (eg: "unreal tournament 2004")
google:playing [games] search on google for: playing or playing games. these are 2 separate searches.

For now, you can contact me here.

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